Florjan Rojba, Executive Director, Albanian National Association of the Deaf, ANAD
Nine people set out to conduct the interviews under my supervision. How was the work organised?
The interviewers visited each of the Albanian provinces and targeted the interviews to the groups specified by the Albanian Institute of Statistics.
With the team of interviewers, we went through the tasks, the provinces and the time frame available for us, and prepared the schedule and work plan. We also decided to rotate, so that the pairs would be switched regularly (weekly) to maintain cohesion within the teams that consisted of five men and four women, representing different ages. I would be supervising the work from ANAD. We planned the duration of the trips, which were mainly due to take three to four days – the number of days depended on the distance to be travelled and the number of interviewees in each province. The fieldwork team then deciced which areas they would travel to in order to maintain the rotation simultaneously. There would be a local ANAD point of contact in each province and interview site ready to meet the data collection teams, and their task would be to take the interviewers to meet ANAD members as well as any deaf people who were not members of our association. As part of my role, I took responsibility for contacting active members of ANAD, or “local leaders” living in the provinces to inform them about the survey and the date of the interviews, and to give them the contact details of the interviewers.